Animal Allsorts Pet Rescue

The Animal Allsort's Rescue in the UK is unique because they rescue and rehome all sorts of pets--rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, birds, etc--amd not just cats and dogs. They are also unique because they perform home check on people that want to adopt from th

I’ll admit that I know little about the animal rights laws and adoption procedures in any country other than the United States, but I make an effort to learn about them and then pass that information on to my readers. Usually I come across this information when researching a pet article that I’m writing for Factoidz or for some other site or print publisher. I ran across this information on a distinctly unique rescue shelter while researching my Black Cat articles and want to share it with my readers in the UK.

Animal Allsorts Pet Rescue

The Animal Allsorts Pet Rescue, Staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers, have been rescuing and re homing animals for 20+ years. The Animal Allsorts Pet Rescue was recognized as a registered charity in 2002. Its mission is to rescue and re home abandoned and mistreated animals of all kind. The Animal Allsorts Pet Rescue differs from other rescues because they do not house the rescued animals in kennels; instead, all rescued animals are cared for in foster homes until a forever home can be found for them. The Animal Allsorts Pet Rescue provides for all the needs of the foster pet e.g., food, cat litter, toys, and veterinarian care. They truly live up to their name by rescuing and re homing animals of all sorts i.e., cats, dogs, hamsters, chipmunks, ferrets, rabbits, and birds.

Animal Allsorts Pet Rescue’s Nondestructive Policy

Animal Allsorts Pet Rescue is a no kill rescue operation; no animal is euthanized unless a veterinarian determines that there is no hope for an animal’s physical restoration. If an animal cannot be re homed for some other reason, it remains in foster care for the rest of their natural lives.

Before re homing

  • Before going to their forever home, all companion animals are micro chipped.
  • Before going to their forever, all pets are neutered or spayed.
  • Before going to their forever home, all pets receive a full regiment of vaccinations.
  • Before going into their forever home, all pets are treated for fleas and worms.

Re homing policy

Animal Allsorts Pet Rescue is serious about seeing that companion only go into good homes, and they have a strict adoption policy that they enforce. People who adopt human babies have their homes visited by the agency they adopt from before the adoption is allowed. I have always said that the same rules should apply when adopting companion animals. Animal Allsorts Pet Rescue is one of a very few rescues that I know of that actually do investigate potential pet parents and forever homes before the pet parent is allowed to adopt any animal.

How are pets to be re homed selected?

Because of the limited number of pet foster parents available to care for pets until forever homes can be found for them, the rescue accepts new pets on a strict priority basis.

  • First priority is given to animals that are sick, injured or otherwise at risk. At risk animals include those at the local council pond that have been there for seven days and are at risk to be euthanized.
  • Second in priority is pets in desperate need of re homing because their pert parent can no longer care for them properly.
  • Third in priority is pets in need of temporary fostering because of their pet parent undergoing medical problems, bereavement, or some other such condition.
  • Fourth, and lowest in priority, are pet parents who are financially able to care for their pet, but just want to re home them for other reasons.

How you can help

If you would like to help, volunteers are needed to transport animals, to make home checks, and to help with charity stall and street fund raising. Volunteers are also needed to foster cats and dogs. If you would like to volunteer to help these animals in of a little TLC, please contact Theresa who runs the rescue on 0121 628 9825. You can also help by donating money, cat food, dog food, and other such items. Call Theresa on donating money and food too.


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