Best Websites to Offer Help for Common Dog Problems

How can I find out what breed my dog is? How to keep a dog calm in a thunderstorm? How can I control my strong dog when we go for walks? What can I use for my small dog to go potty indoors? Products you can buy online to help solve common dog problems.

The Illusion Collar from Cesar's Way

Cesar Millan is known as the Dog Whisperer. His television show has helped many dog owners in dealing with their own dog problems. His website also offers a lot of help, with blogs and tutorials to cover many dog training problems.

One of the issues Cesar often encounters is dogs that are too strong for their owners. Many owners resort to choke chains to control their powerful dogs, but choke chains are not safe and not always effective because dogs can lean into them. While there is no real replacement for better training Cesar has developed a special collar, the Illusion collar, to give owners more control over their strong dogs who pull on walks. The illusion collar works by sitting higher up on the dog's neck than a typical choke collar.

screen shot photo from Cesar's Way

Click here to see if the Illusion Collar from Cesar's Way will help control your dog.

Potty Park from Potty Park

The potty park system is designed for apartment owners or those who cannot take their dogs outside to go to the bathroom. It is a false tuft surface with a tray underneath that can be dumped and cleaned. While it might not sound ideal for all situations it is a blessing for those dog owners on the 20th floor who have a hard time getting their dog outside for potty breaks. The potty park system might also be good for people who work 10 hours a day, or for those that have older dogs who may need to go to the bathroom more often.

Click here to learn how to train your dog to use the Potty Park system.

Find Out Your Dog's Breed with Wisdom Panel

Many owners who get mixed breed dogs are curious as to the breed of their dog. Any dog that does not have registration papers showing its breeding is a bit of a mystery. Even designer dogs (for example the Goldendoodle or Pomchi) where not recognized as an actual breed, are a bit of a mystery. Dog owners can find out the truth of their dogs breed with DNA testing from Wisdom Panel. Wisdom panel actually has different dog DNA tests for different needs.

Click here to learn more about Wisdom Panel's DNA tests for dogs.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Thundershirt

Some dogs are afraid of thunder, some get stressed about going to the vet, or have anxiety issues around getting their nails trimmed. The Thundershirt is a unique product that effectively gives the dog a bit of a “hug” to keep it calm in most stressful situations. Although Thundershirts may not work for every dog they are certainly worth trying. In most cases after two, or three, uses the dog's owner may report noticing some improvement in that their dog is not as anxious.

Click here to learn more about the Thundershirt.

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