Can You Adopt Your Favorite Movie Animal? Part 1: The Beastmaster and Kindergarten Cop

Are ferrets great pets as in films? Might you adopt Kodo and Podo and do they really never bite as in Kindergarten Cop? Things to consider after the movie. Will you enjoy ferrets better on screen, or really in your home? Or will you better keep them where

This series of articles is for those who see an animal in a film and are so impressed by it, they like to know more and consider if they might adopt one or two as a pet. They contain mainly general info and for complete care guidelines, I would recommand to look further, if you think you might have found your dreampet on screen.

If you are one of those people who have seen the movie The Beastmaster and are dazzled by Kodo and Podo, the two little thieves that the main character Dar travels with, this article might be a great introduction to the species. I will leave the eagle and the large black cat out, since most people might understand they are not the kind of animals that make great pets for an average family. And was Arnold Schwarzenegger right in telling they never bite in Kindergarten Cop?

This article is for those who were impressed and wondered what those masked creatures were and like to know more about them, or even adopt animals like them.

Well, I won't keep you in tension too long. Kodo and Podo are ferrets. They are a domesticated form of polecats that mankind have breed for a long time to hunt rabbits. So they are predators, related to the weasel and you better do not mistake them for rodents.

The Latin name for a ferret is mustela putorius furo and they are actually designed as pets and will not survive in nature like their wild nephews. This is because they do know how to kill, but not how to feed on their prey. Rabbit hunters have cherished them for centuries, because they crawl into the rabbit's hole, bite the rabbit's throat, but leave it not eaten.

So ferrets are pets, but are they the right pet for you? 

First to consider is where you live. Not all areas in the world allow them. So before you even think of owning a ferret, check you local authorities, to make sure that ferrets can be kept legally. A good example: in California, where the actor the cherishes one in front of a kindergarten class, they were forbidden by the same person. But keep in mind he was also a barbarian in another past life.

Now what you should know if that they cost money like all other pets, not only to buy, but also to maintain. They eat special food that costs more than cat's food. Ferrets have a very fast digestion and need food and drink all day. They also need a large cage, the larger the better, sleeping material, litter boxes ...

And they do need a lot of attention. Best is to keep more than one of them, but here is another thing you should know: if you are not intended to breed, you better neuter your ferret, because females that go in heat will get very ill and die. Boys that are not fixed will smell you out of your home.

And also consider your family, landlord and other people involved. Ferrets are pets, but still predators and not really best pets for small children. So letting a ferret unattended in a kindergarten class might not be a great idea. They might bite when you are not careful and when they are in puberty.

A ferret lives on average 5 years and here is another thing: they are very curious animals that might inspect every inch of your home, but when they take off, they might not come back when you call for them. You can train them, but they are not obedient like dogs. They might more have a temperament of their own, like cats.

Another thing to know is that ferrets might not always look the same. On average the males are larger than the females and tend to have a lesser temperament. Neutered males are on average more easy going, while females tend to be more aware in nature. But they have smaller teeth and their bite is less dangerous than that of a male, that might bite you to the bone, but is less likely to do so. This is mainly the experience I share with most people who own and breed ferrets.

They might not always have a clear mask and they come in many colors and variants. The sable, albino, silver and dark eyed white are the four main colors an all the rest are variants of it. For example: the movie ferrets I quoted in this article are all sables, but the sandy is the lighter variant of it.

There are also a lot of patterns and combinations of it, but keep in mind that not all are that healthy. Badgers variants for example tend to be deaf. Also a kind of lymphoma cancer occurs often and might result in early death.

The average age of a ferret is about 5 years. Some live longer.

If you still are interested in adopting a ferret after reading this article, please surf the web for more articles on caring for them. Keep in mind you might better enjoy an animal in screen than in your home.


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