How to Choose a Golden Retriever Puppy

Traits to look for in choosing a Golden Retriever Puppy

If you are looking for the perfect family dog, there is none better than the beautiful Golden Retriever. They are very playful and affectionate with such a good-natured personality. This is one breed of dog that appears to be happy all the time, very loyal, intelligent and wonderful with children.

When you make your choice to get one of these fabulous dogs, be sure to research for a very reputable breeder that provides a 100% guarantee on the health of her pups. Meet with them several times; meet the parents of the litters so that you can see their quality, traits and characteristics. When looking at the pups, choose, of course, the healthiest looking pup, bright eyes, vibrant coats and one that is curious about you enough to make an attempt to come to you and visit. Choosing one that is not too shy yet not extremely jumpy is a greater choice.

The Golden Retriever is quite a surprise when you first bring them home. Most people view them as the happy but “lazy” laid back dog that they are, once they mature. They are so much the opposite of pups. A theory is that they use up all their energies in the first 3 years of their lives, or so, that they have minimal stamina as adults.

They are one of the happiest, smartest most beautiful breed of dogs, extremely easy to train. When first bringing a Golden home, it takes a minimal amount of time to house break them. It is a guarantee that you will not have very many accidents in the house as they learn quickly and, on top of that, are very anxious to please you. This charming, well-mannered and intelligent breed is such a fun breed to train with commands and obedience training, as they are one of the number one breeds so willing to do whatever they can to make you happy.

They may not seem like the best “watch dog” as they normally do not have a mean bone in their bodies. However, even though they do not bark unless absolutely necessary, their deep “voice” is usually enough to scare strangers away. Unwanted guests don’t need to know that voice comes from the resident that would welcome any attention and playmates with his licks, tail wagging and sharing of toys. Most times when greeted by one of the gentle “giants” (growing between 55 and 80 lbs.), they always seem to feel the need to bring you one of their balls or other favorite toys, possibly a way to either want to share or a way to invite you to play with them.

On the down side, they can be prone to such things as cancer, hip dysphasia, some congenital eye defects, which is why it is important to meet the pups’ parents. They can also be susceptible to skin allergies and ear infections, both of which can be monitored with Vet advice and keeping their ears monitored and cleaned regularly.

The Golden’s do have a tendency to shed so a house full of “tumble weeds”, at least extensively, twice yearly during season changes, is inevitable. Regular grooming for these guys involves combing and brushing them out regularly with a firm bristle brush, cleaning their ears with special solution and cotton balls, trimming nails and brushing their teeth monthly. Bathing them can be done no more than once a month and they can be easy to bathe, considering they do like water. Some people like to have them shaved a couple of times a year to cut down on the shedding which is a personal choice.

As stated before, these guys can be very active, especially when young, but do require a good amount of exercise daily to keep them healthy and happy, with a normal life span of about 12 years. If they do not have access to a yard for their daily routines, they will require to be taken on a daily brisk walk beside you, learning to heel, so that you can both enjoy this leisurely but necessary form of exercise. It is something they thoroughly love and enjoy.

Owning a Golden Retriever is such a win win situation for the dog as well as the owner and family. Being a responsible owner and providing all their needs, love, necessary care and attention is totally rewarded with years of loyalty, devotion and unconditional love from your dedicated, faithful companion and family member, the Golden Retriever.

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