Cute Animals and Facial Expressions

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Cute Animals and Facial Expressions. A few expressive animal faces. Nothing makes you happy faster than the face of a cute animal or the antics they display. Watching fish for instance can lower your blood pressure. And who cannot feel happy watching kittens playing and chasing each other?

Animals are often the subject of greeting cards and sometimes thorugh the use of image-editing software, the humor is enhanced. Just don't say "Shop'ed! You can tell by the pixels and I've seen a lot of Photoshops."

What’s the Word I Want Here, PhotoShopped?

close-up of face of a dog whose eyes are bulbous and comical; the image has been edited with Photoshop

Image Source

Those expressive eyes…dog must have eaten some marijuana kibbles & bits or something. Hey Snoopy, -go fetch! What do you think this dog’s name is? What would be a good name? I am thinking maybe “Popeye.” How about it?

I Hear that the 60s Hairstyles are Coming Back

alcapa with fuzzy head, like hairstyles from the 1960s

Image Source

No, -not really! -I’m still just too stunned over the previous image. This pet seriously needs a haircut I’m afraid. Watch out, -they spit!

I Always Wanted One of Those!

fluffy white cat with large green eyes

Image Source

I have always wanted one of those ‘Felix the Cat’ wall-clocks that has the eyes that move from side-to-side and the tail swings to the seconds and… oh wait, this cat is real. Never mind! *smile*

A Job for the Wonder Pets

tabby cat with its nose stuck into a cement block, drinking water

Image Source

Curiosity got the cat I guess. I don’t think she stuck, but it looks funny anyway. Cats can make even the most mundane circumstance look dire. And this is possibly humorous because it is a cat.

Cat Scan

cat on someones lap, looking pensive

Image Source

I love the quote on this:

The problem with cats is that they get the same exact look whether they see a moth or an ax-murderer” – Paula Poundstone

Hot Dog

small dog on leash, dressed up in a 'hotdog' costume

Image Source

Now this is cute. A little frankfurter doggie, dressed as a hot dog. I have a friend in Montreal that used to do this with her dog, which was quite a bit larger. I met that dog once; the title ‘hot dog’ fit her well. Around Halloween time this dog was sometimes dressed as Godzilla with scales and horns and everything. I called her “Dogzilla” ever since.

Count Catula, from Catsylvania

black cat, hissing

Image Source

I’m here to suck your blood and -oh wait! -Is that a cat toy I see?

Air-Breathing Fish?

fish with swollen facial cheeks, -looks as if the fish is holding its breath

Image Source

This looks like the fish is holding its breath, like a deep sea diver. I hope it does not bump into a spiny sea urchin or sharp coral. That would hurt.

Smug Pug

dog lying on its back

Image Source

This dog sort of looks the same upside down as it does when right-side up.


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