Endangered Animal Species - Ocean and Water Life

The oceans and waterways of Earth are amazing and diverse ecosystems. There are many animals in our waters that are on the brink of extinction and need our help.

The oceans and waterways of Earth are amazing and diverse ecosystems. They are full of some of the most beautiful life on this planet. There are many animals in our waters that are on the brink of extinction and need our help.

Mako Shark - The Mako Shark is on the critically endangered list primarily due to the cruel act of shark finning. Sadly, unless the hunting of sharks is stopped immediately, the Maco and many others will go extinct.

Atlantic salmon - Over fishing, pollution and dams have brought the Atlantic salmon to a “threatened” status.

Northern Right Whale - This beautiful whale is found in the Atlantic Ocean. It is estimated that there are only 350 Right whales left in the world. Their extinction is being brought about by hunting.

Beluga Sturgeon - The Beluga sturgeon has been listed as critically endangered since 2005. It is primarily found in the Black sea and Caspian basin. Beluga sturgeon is where the much sought after and very expensive Beluga caviar comes from. They are on the brink of extinction due to over fishing and poaching.

Florida Manatee - The manatee is from the United States, primarily Florida. Although they are legally protected, their numbers are still extremely low. They have been on the endangered list since 1967 and sadly still remain there. It is estimated that only 3200 manatees remain in the Florida waters. Pesticides, herbicides and loss of habitat are all reasons for their continual small numbers. However, the number one killer of manatees is boats.

Blue Whale - The Blue whale is the largest creature on Earth. During the early 1900s, the Blue whale accounted for about 90 percent of the whaling industry’s kills. In the year 1931, 30,000 of these magnificent creatures were killed. Today they are listed as endangered and it is believed about 11,000 still exist.

Humpback Whale - The Humpback whale is an endangered animal. Sadly, they have been hunted to near extinction. An estimated 2500 Humpbacks are thought to still survive.

Great White Shark - Although the Great White sharks numbers are not known exactly, it is obvious to scientists that they are far less common than they should be. They are now listed as an endangered species.

Mediterranean Monk Seal - The Mediterranean Monk Seal was once extremely common. However, now their numbers are less than a 100 and sadly continue to decline. Although they are legally protected, fishermen still kill them for disrupting their catch. They are also suffering from loss of habitat due to tourism and human expansion.

Keeping Earth’s waters clean and protecting its inhabitants are the responsibility of us all. Everything is connected, despite what we may think, what happens in the oceans very much effects us. If we want future generations to be able to eat fish and enjoy the diverse life in our waters, we need to start better conservation efforts now and stop the needless slaughter and over fishing.













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