Ferrets Can Be Rewarding and Fun

Ferrets are curious and fun loving creatures. Having a ferret can be rewarding and fun.

Having had the privilege of being a ferret owner for about a year now, and having two of them a boy and a girl, one is fixed the other is not, I have come to enjoy them immensely.  They are not like the typical pets a person owns though, they are much like rodents more than  a cute fluffy dog.  There is several things I do to ensure my ferret's health and the care of them I would like to share for those who do not know much about them.

First of all there are things you need to know.  Ferrets like to tunnel, they love bannana bites, and they will tear up carpet, flooring, and anything plastic, or sometimes made of paper.  Far often than not people learn this the hard way.  Always make a conscious effort to observe the habits and preferences of your ferret/s.  That way by observing them you will have a better relationship and interaction with them when you are playing with them, or cuddling them.  Ferrets are not lap creatures, they like to hide when they sleep, they like ferret food, not hamburgers.  Although ferrets are carnivores, they do just fine with commercial ferret food, so don't go buying them special cuts of meat.  Ferrets love to pursue things, this comes from their ancestral traits.  Make sure you have a proper place to store them, with plenty of room, adventures, and safety.  They will not be happy in a small cage.  Also make sure you let them out in a safe area, not the run of your home, but somewhere they can have special toys, and things to do and explore.

  Now that you know a few things to prepare that you meet not too many surprises, you can do some simple steps to make them as healthy as you have made them happy.  Make sure to bathe them once a week , using gentle shampoos.  Be careful as to not get their ears wet.  You will clean their ears with ear cleaner after they bathe.  This can be bought in a pet place and it is simple, cotton swab out the ears.  Be gentle.  to properly hold your ferret while performing simple tasks, like bathing and holding, you will grab the scruff on the back of their necks, much the same as a mother cat carries her kittens.  Support the legs in the rear area, and support the body.  I use the help of my daughter or husband when clipping nails, especially.  Nails tend to grow at rapid proportion and clipping them once a week is best.  Special pet clippers for ferrets is needed, because their nails are much skinnier than dogs or cats. 

Bedding is fun, you can experiment with many options, mine love a hammock type of bed.  It hands on rails of their three tower cage, it is so cute watching them sleep.  Be prepared to wash their bedding once a week as well or as needed.  They do not cover their feces and this makes them smell and dirty, thus their bedding will show this.  You can lay something like a rag, or a blanket in the bottom of the cage and watch your ferrets love that.  They love to burry themselves in something soft.  I have a handmade furry,sleeping  pouch, mine just love it.

The way ferrets go potty is not the most pleasant.  They will use a litter box but they will not clean it up for you, or cover it up.  You must empty it more than you'd like but you will want to , trust me.  Mushy poop is normal, and dark poop is too.  Make sure there is a tracking mat, under the litter box, because they will scatter it.

Ferrets are clever, and fun to watch.  The make hissing noises when they are very happy.  They like running in tubes, it is a fun way to watch them explode into playful noises and actions.  Owning a ferret can be hard work, and not for someone who want a lap pet.  Ferrets are exciting and carry a musky smell, not for the person who hates a smelly animal. Here's hoping this has  given you some helpful tips and information.  Maybe you will want to visit your pet store and buy yourself a ferret.


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