The 10 Healthiest Pet Food Subscription Boxes

Gather 'round, pet parents! It's time to get serious about your pet's nutrition. Come see the companies making and selling home-cooked healthy pet foods and which ones deliver right to your door.

Why switch to homemade pet food? Isn't 9Lives or Purina good enough?

According to the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, a companion animal's shift to a homemade diet may prevent or slow the development of certain cancers. Such dietary changes have also been linked to an increase in lifespan of up to 3 years, a healthier, shinier coat, the alleviation of allergy symptoms, and improved digestion. 

And, as long as certain rules are observed (never include avocado, onions, or garlic in your pet's food, for example), the Canine Journal approves of homemade pet food — even sharing some of their favorite recipes here

But who has time to cook meals for Fido with everything else on the to-do list?

With this in mind, and with increased awareness of how busy most households are in 2018, several companies have now created healthier alternatives to the usual highly processed pet foods — pet food subscription services. Using only high-quality, natural ingredients, and recipes without hormones, antibiotics, or fillers, these brands not only make top shelf kibble, but also offer subscriptions and delivery service to boot.

Come take a look at our top ten favorite pet food subscription services, and how you can get them delivered to your doorstep via subscription dog food or a dog or cat food monthly subscription in time for your pet's next meal.


Ollie takes the guesswork out of feeding your pup with their state-of-the-art algorithm. Once you complete your pet's unique online profile, Ollie creates their customized meal plan, tailored to their precise nutritional needs, breed, size, age, allergies, and activity level using the AAFCO's dog nutrient profiles for all life stages. Then, they provide a recommended portion size based on your doggo's caloric needs. Check some of their recipes here.

Price: The price is based on your dog's caloric needs, with the smallest dogs starting at $3/per day. (This site, for one example, estimated with the 'All Ollie' option (28 meals delivered every 2 weeks), the price ranged between $72 and $80 every 2 weeks.)

Delivery/geographical range and options: Allie delivers anywhere within the continental U.S., and there are 3 delivery options. 

  • The 'All Ollie' offers 28 meals every two weeks 
  • The 'Mostly Ollie' provides 21 meals every 2 weeks
  • The 'Some Ollie' delivers 28 meals every 4 weeks 

Any free trials or other such promos? New doggie subscribers get 50% off their first box of meals — just click on 'Start Trial' in the upper right corner here. You can also search here for Ollie discount codes.


  • Free shipping
  • Veterinarians with nutritional expertise are consulted on each recipe
  • Ollie includes only the highest quality human grade ingredients
  • Ollie reviews loved the food's recyclable packaging, which includes a durable, resealable rubber lid and custom serving scoop, and is stackable in the freezer


  • Expensive
  • There are only 4 recipes (although your pet may not mind a limited menu)

Bottom line:

Ollie is great for folks who want to start their pup on fresh, homemade foods, but don't have the time or gumption to do it themselves. Although it is a bit pricey, the convenience factor is superb for busy families. Start with a 50% off first box to see if your dog likes it, then opt for the delivery option best-suited for you.


As seen in such publications and programs as HuffPost and Shark Tank, PetPlate is a popular dog food subscription and delivery service with an ingredient list promising nothing artificial, no preservatives, and only USDA meats and fresh produce,

Price: Varies depending on the size and caloric needs of your dog. Starting at $3 per day for the smallest canine companions, I did a test profile for my previous doggo, Milo (rest his sweet soul), and arrived at the following pricing:

Milo weighed almost 100 pounds as a full-grown doberman, so I opted for his imaginary subscription to send 14 18-ounce meals every week (sufficient food for one week only). 

This would be $89.95 weekly - but with my 25% taken off for my first box, I'd pay $67.46.

Delivery/geographical range and instructions: PetPlate delivers everywhere in the U.S. except Hawaii and Alaska. You can opt for 14 meals to be sent weekly, or every two weeks. Each meal is in an 18-oz. container, intended for a single day's morning and evening serving.

Any free trials or other such promos? Save 25% off your first box here, or find more 25% off PetPlate promo codes here. Your first box is also a trial box, according to their FAQ, so you'll get a full refund if your dog doesn't like it. 


  • Skip a delivery, cancel or pause your subscription any time in your account settings
  • Customers loved their resealable plastic containers with lids, pre-portioned with insulated liners
  • Most meals are made with meat as a first ingredient


  • There are only 4 steps to the customized meal planning, so it seems like there isn't much effort put into it
  • Only 4 recipes to choose from (blends of Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Lamb)
  • No cat meals offered (but they will be offering them soon)

Bottom line:

PetPlate is perfect for busy folks. Delivery is handy and containers are reusable. Just scoop out the morning portion, seal up the container until dinnertime, then give puppers the rest. Not cheap, but prices are comparable to similar services.


Our next healthy dog food delivery subscription comes fresh outta Santa Cruz, California, offering a variety of dry dog foods for all dog breeds and ages, as well as activity levels — YaDoggie.

This is another service which starts out with a short online questionnaire about your dog (basically weight, gender, age, any health or allergy issues), then recommends your dog's ideal food and how many cups you should feed them per day. Then you get your welcome kit and sign up for your subscription (if your dog likes it).

Price: Varies, but ends up around $2.70/lb on average. You'll get delivery every 1 or 2 weeks, with free shipping.

For example, for my imaginary Milo criteria, I would pay $72 for each 26-lb. shipment of his recommended food — (the Buffalo & Duck formula).

Delivery/geographical range and instructions: There are two main options:

1st one is called 'Food & More', and offers:

  • Free predictive delivery
  • 3 recipes
  • Free poop bags
  • Add-on treats
  • Cancel anytime/risk-free

2nd one is called 'Treats-Only', and includes:

  • $20/month for 2 bags
  • $30/month for 4 bags
  • Free shipping
  • Free poop bags
  • Cancel anytime/Risk-free

Any free trials or other such promos? You can start off here by giving them just $1, for which you'll receive their welcome kit and  try out the dog food. If your dog likes it, set up subscription delivery frequency from there. If they don't like it, YaDoggie will give your dollar back. You can also search for YaDoggie coupon codes here


  • 100% grain-free
  • Quality products
  • Prompt, on-time delivery
  • High in protein, no fillers
  • Manufactured in the USA using ingredients from the US, Canada, New Zealand, and the EU
  • Free smart scoop if you register now (when it becomes available)


  • Smaller dogs may have difficulty chewing up kibble
  • Some may find it expensive
  • Only 3 flavors (Buffalo & Duck, Turkey & Pea (recommended for dogs with allergies/food sensitivities), Lamb & Sweet Potato)
  • 'Natural flavor' is listed as an ingredient, without clarification

Bottom line:

YaDoggie is high quality, high protein, customized and transitional food for your pup. Although a little on the pricey side, and dogs with smaller mouths may need to chew longer, most boxes get ticked with this fun and healthy pet food subscription startup.

Sammy Snacks

Known as 'Virginia's finest kibble', Sammy Snacks keeps it simple by offering top of the line pet food subscriptions without a lot of extra.

While they primarily offer dog foods, they also have dog treats, and some limited cat food and cat treats, too.

Price: Prices range depending upon the food blend you select and how often you request delivery. 

For example:

  • The Salmon & Sweet Potato blend dog food is $66.99 for 30 pounds, deliverable every 6 weeks, or $58.58 delivered monthly
  • The Venison & Pea blend dog food is $87.99 for 30 pounds, deliverable every 6 weeks, or $81.83 monthly (currently out of stock)
  • The Chicken & Fish blend grain-free cat food is $36.99 for a 15-pound bag delivered every 6 weeks; $33.47 monthly

Delivery/geographical range and instructions: Sammy's Snacks delivers throughout the continental U.S., and their pet food, the Ancestry brand, can be purchased at retailers like Animal Supply Co, Generation Pet, or others, or some pet supply shops by request. 

Any free trials or other such promos? None found, unless you can score one via Chewy or other reviews.


  • Some reported their dogs' health issues dissipating after starting on Ancestry brand, eventually no longer needing their prescriptions for digestive issues
  • Maintains a 4.9-star rating on FaceBook after 38+ reviews
  • Dog Food Advisor rates Ancestry brand ingredients and quality as an above average dry pet food product, highly recommended
  • Free shipping on all food orders throughout the contiguous U.S., and on all Snacker orders over $45


Some reported their pet wouldn't eat Ancestry (These individuals are an extreme minority, however, as most pets can't get enough of it!)

Bottom line:

Sammy Snacks offers simple, back-to-basics whole diet formulas for your pet. Great for pets with digestive issues, or the finicky ones. If you have any trouble finding it, or Sammy's Snacks/Ancestry, most formulas are on Amazon now, too.

Real Dog Box

Want your dog to go nuts when someone's at the door even more than usual? Get premium treats and chews delivered to your doorstep from San Diego-based Real Dog Box made by the folks at Real Pet Food - and they are sure to lose their minds!

Another of our favorite healthy pet food subscriptions, the Real Pet Food Real Dog Box ensures your dog is chewing only on the tastiest of indulgences, with monthly arrivals in your mailbox, filled with such delicacies as lamb trachea, duck feet, pork kidney, and turkey gizzards - is your dog's mouth watering yet?

Price: I entered some info for Milo again, and got the following suggestions (based on the fact that he had no allergies to my recollection):

There's a choice of either a monthly treat & chew box, (containing muscle meat, organ meat, seafood, and more in the form of treats and chews), or a 'treat-only' box, (featuring air-dried and single-ingredient treats made from the aforementioned organ meats, muscle meats, seafood, etc. - but no chews).

  • The treat and chew box is $39/4 weeks
  • The treat-only box is $21/4 weeks

Delivery/geographical range and instructions: Order your subscription and wait for them to arrive monthly! Can be delivered anywhere in the U.S.

Any free trials or other such promos? No, but you can make doggie sundaes and popsicles with your Real Dog Box following the instructions here, and here. Add a Super Chew to chill out super hyper doggos for $8 here. Make sure you looks for Real Dog Box promo codes here, too.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Maintains a solid 5-star rating on FaceBook after 171 reviews
  • Arrives with little cards explaining what's in each box
  • 100% meat, made in small batches, delivered fresh with no chemicals or preservatives
  • Free shipping


  • They choose what's in your box each month, so it's a surprise (most dogs love it all, so not necessarily a con, but...)
  • Some might feel it's expensive for dog treats

Bottom line:

If you want to spoil your good boy, get him a subscription to Real Pet Food! He'll get mouthwatering boxes of treats monthly, in several different types to tantalize his tastebuds.

Great Lakes Pet Food

A favorite with breeders, Great Lakes Pet Food is a straightforward pet food company, offering grain-free chicken and pork recipes for dogs at all stages of life and puppies, as well as high quality treats.

Describing their grain-free pork formula for all life stages as the most health-promoting option they provide, Great Lakes explains that pork has the highest digestibility of nearly any protein source for dogs. They further state that dogs with sensitivities or allergies generally fare best with this type of formula. 

Price: For the grain-free pork formula, choose a 20 or 40-pound bag for $44.95 or $79.95, and for the pork and chicken blend, choose the same size bags for $42.95 and $72.95. Subscribing saves you 5 percent on future bags. Their meat treats (which can also be given to cats) are $6.99/bag, also offered at a 5% discount with a subscription.

Delivery/geographical range and instructions: When you opt for their Subscribe and Save program, you will automatically receive 5% off of each bag of pet food. Choose from deliveries every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4, 5, or 6, weeks, or monthly, every 2 months, or every 3 months. 

Any free trials or other such promos? Send in your doggo's pics to win Dog of the Month here. Shop their apparel here. Get free shipping on orders over $15 with these Great Lakes Pet Food promo codes.


  • Free shipping for orders over $15
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Their pork formulas include none of the following: gluten, MSG, growth hormones, corn syrup products, hydrogenated oils, maltodextrin, carrageenan, modified food starch, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Maintains a solid 5-star rating on FaceBook after 12 reviews
  • Their pork products are made from Michigan grown pork in a USDA inspected facility also in Michigan


  • Only 2 flavors available

Bottom line:

Recommended by and for breeders, Great Lakes Pet Food provides optimal nutrition, ensuring previous customers' dogs were "playful and healthy with beautiful fur". Subscriptions are handy and save you 5 percent. We don't think your dogs will mind the lack of flavor variety.

The Farmer's Dog 

Among the most highly rated dog food subscription services on the market today is The Farmer's Dog, providing healthy pet food to your doorstep brimming with optimal nutrition within days of being cooked. 

With recent mentions in Vogue, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal, The Farmer's Dog goes well out of their way to customize your dog's pre-made and pre-portioned meals, assure the highest of safety standards, and opt out of all unnecessary ingredients and processing to bring your pup fresh nutrition.

Sign up here and take their short survey about your dog's health to see what their ideal meal plan looks like.

Price: Pricing depends on your dog, and will be based on the food recommended to you after your completed survey is assessed. You can get the recommended food as a full meal plan or 'topper' plan, as shown below.  The Full Meal plan is normally $33.56 per week, but I'm getting a discount (2-week sample trial) since it's my first order, so it's only $26.85 for me. The Topper Plan is actually comprised of smaller meals to be mixed in with your dog's already existing food for a shot of better nutrition. This option is only $17.82 per week for the food suggested for me.

Delivery/geographical range and instructions: They'll ship a box to you every 2-12 weeks depending on your dog’s size and your preference. Deliveries can be made within the continental U.S.

Any free trials or other such promos? Just the free two week sample trial, available to everyone at the start of their subscription to make sure their dog likes it. You can also get 20% off your first order with these Farmer's Dog promo codes


  • They offer DIY homecooked pet food meal recipes in addition to delivery subscriptions
  • Packaged to stay cold with dry ice and biodegradable insulation
  • Cancel anytime by visiting your customer portal
  • Made with human-grade, USDA certified ingredients
  • Recipes are overseen by veterinary nutritionists to be consistent with AAFCO dog food standards
  • Gives serving suggestions for your dog based on your survey responses too, i.e. if they're overweight


  • Packaging of each meal is nice, but you'll need scissors to cut them open and then you squeeze the contents into your dog's dish, stir, and serve. (We think the reusable plastic trays with rubber lids on previous brands were better)
  • This brand has larger chunks of food in their mixes than some of the others, which is great for some dogs but maybe not all of them (some forget to chew!)
  • Only 3 flavors (essentially beef, chicken, and pork)
  • Expensive (but comparable to similar brands)

Bottom line:

The Farmer's Dog is definitely a favorite among internet pet food reviewers (see here and here), and we suspect they'll be a favorite among taste-testing canines as well. For best results, pop unfinished leftovers in the freezer until it's time for Fido to eat them. Waste not want not!


Vegan-owned and operated since 2005, V-Dog is a 100% plant-based nutritionally complete real pet food subscription box service based in sunny San Francisco. 

V-Dog's site explains that a vegan dog, like a vegan human, "leaves a much smaller environmental paw print." It's this environmental concern mixed with their love of animals that keeps this crew working to create premium pet food that doesn't harm the earth or its creatures. 

But is it wise for your pet nutritionally? V-Dog thinks so. In fact, there's a whole page on their site devoted to the vegan veterinarian's perspective on plant-based nutrition for animals here.

Interested in learning even more on the subject? Visit their Dog Blog, where all is explained in detail.

Price: Large dog kibble is $55.99 per bag, smaller dog kibble (mini-bite sized) is $29.99. Breathbones and wiggle biscuits are $11.99 per bag. Select "Subscribe and Save" before adding a product to your cart, and then proceed through the checkout process to set up your subscription and automatically save 5% on every subsequent order.

Delivery/geographical range and instructions: Orders ship via UPS, and can be sent anywhere within the continental U.S.

Any free trials or other such promos? Get $10 off your first subscription order, or get $5 off with one of these V-dog promo codes.


  • Free shipping on all kibble orders
  • Maintains 4.8 out of 5 stars on Chewy after nearly 100 reviews
  • Maintains 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon after nearly 330 reviews
  • Some reported their pets' health ailments subsiding or going away completely after starting V-Dog
  • Good for finicky eaters
  • Edit or cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account or emailing


  • Some said the kibble was too big for their dogs 
  • Some reported very finicky dogs did not the taste

Bottom line:

Vets may not all agree on the nutrition available from V-Dog, but the ones on their website do! We think it probably can't hurt and might help, like with most things vegan - so there's really no reason not to give it a try, if you're into dog food delivery subscriptions anyway. If you're trying something completely new here, just be sure monitor your dog to see how they do.


Based on the recommendations of renowned veterinarian Dr. Justin Shmalberg, NomNomNow creates healthy human grade food and treats for both dogs and cats, offered in handy pet food subscription services.

With meals perfectly proportioned and measured into their own sealed bags, NomNomNow first creates a customized profile for your pet based on your answers to several questions.

Price: Varies according to which type of food and animal you have; in this case, I chose cat food (see below) since we haven't had that chance yet in our tour. The cat food options included Chicken Chow-Meow and a Flavorful Fish Feast. I chose the Chicken, and also shared that our cat is about 12 lbs, and looks about right at 12 lbs for his age of 7 years old. 

Delivery/geographical range and instructions: NomNomNow delivers to all 48 states in the continental US. You can choose weekly, every 2 weeks (most popular), and every 4 weeks as your delivery frequency, with the number of meals included with each varying as shown above - and you can change your order at any time.

Any free trials or other such promos? Get 20% off your first trial order. Also, try looking for NomNomNow promo codes here.


  • Shipped free of charge within days after cooking; store in freezer or fridge until ready for your pup or cat to eat
  • Exceeds AAFCO standards for all life stages
  • Pause or cancel anytime
  • Personalized for your pet's weight goals
  • 1% of profits go to pet nutrition research
  • Access to pet nutritionists
  • Customizable portion sizes and recipes


  • Messy meal pouch packaging
  • Some felt it's expensive

Bottom line:

NomNomNow maintains a 4.6 star rating in the Canine Journal, 9.7 out of 10 in Woof Whiskers, and 9.2 out of 10 in TrustPilot - after 415 reviews. We think your pet's odds of liking these super nutritious pouches - and you liking them as well - are pretty good!

Balanced Blends

While not everyone agrees on the benefits of a raw diet (for household pets, and otherwise), Balanced Blends pet food subscription service thinks it provides the optimal nutrition for dogs and cats — and it's the next stop on our subscription pet food tour.

Believers in this company see improved digestion, increased energy, allergy reduction, and a healthier coat and skin among the perks of the optimized balanced and raw diet.

Pre-made and frozen, comprised of raw meat, bones, organs, fruit, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals (note: their cat food does not contain any fruit or veggies), all Balanced Blends recipes meet AAFCO nutrient profile requirements.

Price:  Dinners are available in cases of 2 lbs. or 5 lbs.

Delivery/geographical range and instructions: Delivers throughout the contiguous 48 as well as Alaska and Hawaii (extra shipping charges apply). Subscriptions can be managed here.

Any free trials or other such promos? First orders get free shipping with no minimum order. You can also look here for Balanced Blends discount codes.


  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Made with no fillers, no gluten, no preservatives, no chemicals, no hormones, no antibiotics, and no artificial colors
  • Made in the USA with USDA inspected and approved meats
  • Formulated by veterinarians and board-certified nutritionists
  • Cancel or easily edit subscription program
  • Free shipping on orders of $20 or higher
  • Comes packaged in 8 ounce pouches


  • Some don't feel comfortable handling raw meat

Bottom line:

Balanced Blends is believed by some to be the height of pet nutrition, others point out many concerns about the diet. Make sure you consult a well-rounded panel of experts in making your decision. In any case, it does appear that numerous animals have enjoyed and possibly benefited from raw foods, and Balanced Blends would be good for them.


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