Ideas on How to Keep Your Dog Safe when They Are Home Alone

Leaving your dog home alone can sometimes be an invitation for trouble. It does not have to be with special preparation when you do have to go out without the pets. Safety for them, your home and the family is always number one . . .

As much as they would love it, we can't be home all the time with our dogs. We have to shop, work, go out to eat other shop where animals are not allowed. Do your dogs get into mischief when you leave your dogs home alone? Whether it may be separation anxiety, boredom or some other “devilish” reason, there are some steps you can take to make it more fun for your dog, and safer and cleaner for you and your home.

Many dogs, like mine, just love to nap away their day, ready to give you their full attention and energies when you return home. Others on the other hand, can be destructive around home, chewing furniture, shredding pillows and paper, going through the trash, urinating and defecating in the home and more of whatever their bored little minds can think of. Not a fun thing to come home to . . . and scolding them only makes it worse. Sometimes they vomit from nerves, thinking you are not coming back, or continue to whine, bark and howl. But you can’t stay home every moment to keep peace, can you?

There are some things you can do ahead of time before leaving your dog home alone to prevent bored destructive behavior.

• If time allows, playing with your dog or going on a long walk before leaving the home to guarantee a tired pup may help to keep him from wanting to expend any energy while you are gone

• Hire a dog walker to come over half way through the day . . . to exercise your dog and even give him something to look forward to. It is amazing how well they get used to a routine and get excited just like children

• Investing in a doggy daycare may be an option if you can and your dog will be so tired, he will be sleeping after he gets home.

• Invest in some fun toys that are puzzles/brain teasers filled with favorite treats that he may work at for hours (which will also tire him out). It would be good to get several different types of these toys and alternate them every now and then to prevent boredom from the same old thing.

There are a number of ideas you can use to stimulate your dog while being gone. It may sound strange but many folks keep music on or the TV (animal planet, of course) to make them feel they are not alone with sound around them. Sometimes giving them too much space to conquer and destroy is too much for them to handle as well. Confine your dog to a certain room or area with dividers and it is my personal opinion with smaller dogs especially to crate them. The crate should be established as their own personal space with a favorite bed and toys at all times open when you are home so they do not feel it is a place of punishment for their own special retreat.


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