Organizations Dedicated to the Rescue of Orphan Kittens

Kittens, when taken care of, usually grow into mighty fine cats that their owners adore. However, if left behind by their parents or if they find themselves lost and without protectors, they become vulnerable to all kinds of danger and peril. Enter orphan

Orphan Kitten Rescue Organizations

There are several orphan kitten rescue organizations spread all across the country. Some of them take in kittens permanently but most of them put the abandoned kittensup for adoption. They may have different methods in taking care of orphan kittens, but they share one goal and that is to take in orphaned kittens so they can have a chance at a normal cat life.

One of these organizations is the Orphan Kitten Rescue and Adoption (OKRA) group based in Bakersfield, California. This organization usually takes in kittens with feral mothers who can no longer take care of them and may in fact pose a serious threat to their young kitten lives. They give the kittens tests to verify if the kittens have diseases or conditions. They are even given shots and dewormed if they are about to be adopted by cat lovers who are required to keep them as indoor pets. Aside from saving kittens and nurturing them until they are adopted, this organization also traps and neuters feral adult cats that are then released.

Another organization is the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue group. This organization does not maintain a facility where they can keep kittens for an extended period of time. They use their individual foster homes that number more than a hundred to give shelter to rescued orphan kittens. The organization handles all costs in taking care of these kittens even if they already have foster homes.

Kitten Rescue of the Los Angeles area is another organization that rescues orphaned kittens. They provide the standard service of rescuing kittens and nurturing them until new owners come along to adopt them. They offer an extensive amount of information about cat care to people who are adopting kittens, making sure that the orphan kittens will be taken care of properly.

What Can Average Pet Owners Do?

The best thing one can do for orphaned kittens is to adopt them and give them a comfortable home where they can grow into healthy and happy adult cats. To adopt an orphaned kitten, one just needs to contact the nearest orphan kitten rescue organization nearest to them. However, some people who do not have the means to take in a new pet but who are still willing to help out orphaned kittens can donate money and other supplies like food, toys and beds that can help orphaned kittens live a comfortable life in the shelters provided by rescue organizations.


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