Protecting Our Pets from Birds of Prey - Hawks, Owls & More

What are some of the birds to be aware of and how to protect our pets from being their prey.

If you have pets and you live in an area where there are a lot of dangers, especially in the friendly skies, we need to be a little cautious. After all, our pets are not to be part of the food chain by any means. We as the owners who love our pets are their caregivers and responsible owners. Trouble is that we cannot be there every moment to prevent every bad situation but I do know we surely will try to keep all our loved ones safe, including our beloved pets.

My main focus is on the almighty, beautiful Hawks that seem to be more plentiful in my area in the Midwest than I would have ever thought. We do also have coyotes and wolves and have felt a bit of safety from these critters as we do have our pets area fenced in, they are never out after dark and hardly ever go outside without much supervision. However, when it comes to the “friendly skies” and the keen eye of the predators afar, who has better eye sight than a Hawk?

I do love nature and bird watching, including the beautiful Hawks. Another bird that I absolutely love but don’t see much is the Owl. Barn Owls are prevalent out here as well. Problem is that I have 3 beautiful wonderful little Chihuahua Dogs. The birds that I mentioned are on the hunt all the time for small animals to feed on. Being a very proud pet owner scares me to no end when I consider the fact that, when not looking, one of these huge birds could swoop down and grab one of my beloved dogs. Isn’t that a scary thought? I have heard of dogs larger than mine falling prey to these “sharks in the sky”.

If you have small to medium sized pets (Hawks will strike any size they think they can carry), please take precautions to guarantee your pets’ safety while being outside. The best advice is to make special time to be outside with your pets when they want to just be out of doors. I have 3 sun worshippers so when they want to just lay around, out of doors, I just make that my time to sit on the swing with them and enjoy nature myself. If they just need to do their business, I let them out just long enough to do so, keeping a watchful eye out for flying strangers.

If your pet just adores being outside, consider a dog run or pen with a covered top. We have one that I almost totally enclose with tarps for the winter to protect them from the elements . . . and more. You do not have to cover yours with tarps but most come with a top so that birds could not get inside at all while your pet is enjoying the great outdoors.

Don’t forget if you are a feline lover, those kitties can fall prey to so much more than a dog who is confined to their own yards. Please be a cautious as is humanly possible if you have cats that need to be outside. We all love our pets so much and want them to be safe.

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