Rabbits Make Great Pets

Rabbits make great pets. They can be kept as house pets and they can be litter box trained without to much problem. They are a clean and quiet pet. They do not require any special care. They just need the usual things such as food, fresh water and a l

When you decide you want a pet rabbit there are a few things you will have know like how to keep him happy and healthy.  You will need to provide your pet rabbit with a home that suits his needs, proper diet, regular grooming and veterinary checkups.  Your rabbit will also need a lot of love and attention.

If your rabbit lives indoors, he will need a quiet household environment.  Rabbits can be good pets for children but some of them do better with adults.   They enjoy affection and the more fuss you make over them the better they like it but they usually do not like to be picked up and held.

Rabbits love to chew and it is their favorite pass time.  You will need to keep things picked up that they might chew.  You will also have to put your electric cords in hard plastic sleeves and remove all poisonous plants or put them up where they cannot get to them.  You will have to give them chew toys so they will not whew up your furniture.  Rabbits love cardboard boxes, piles of newspaper and old phone books that they can shred.

Give your rabbit a secure private place to sleep.  A basket, tub or box placed under a table will be perfect.  Have a couple of cardboard boxes scattered around the house so the rabbit can sit inside of them.

If your rabbit lives indoors he can be trained to use a litter box.  They will urinate in the litter box but they might leave their droppings around the house on occasion. If you put a few droppings in the litter box, it might encourage the rabbit to use it next time.

Rabbits have a problem with poor diets and commercial rabbit foods are not that food for pet rabbits.  They have too many carbohydrates, fat and they do not have enough fiber.  Rabbits should be fed a hay and vegetable diet along with a small amount of rabbit pellets.

Your rabbit should be groomed on a regular basis and you will need to have your rabbit checked by a veterinarian on a regular basis.

Stomach problems are common in pet rabbits and are usually caused by a poor diet.  The commercial rabbit foods are not healthy for them as they are developed for rabbits that are raised for commercial use.  Rabbit’s digestive systems need to digest large amounts of fiber so they will need hay and vegetable to stay healthy as pets.

Grass hay should be fed to your rabbit and they will like grass and garden weeds.  Rabbits need leafy green vegetables like spinach, bok Choy, cauliflower leaves, cabbage and Brussel sprout leaves.  They also like celery, pea pods, herbs, broccoli, spring onions, sprouts, lettuce mixes, radishes and carrot tops.

You can give your rabbit apples, pears, oranges and strawberries as a treat. Give them 1 to 2 tablespoons per day and not more.

Twigs and branches are good for your rabbit to chew on.  Do not give your rabbit salt licks or supplements. 

You will need to provide your rabbit with fresh water 24 hours a day.  Put the water in a bowl that cannot be tipped over.  A water bottle will also work great.

Do not let your rabbit get over heated as they cannot take the heat and will might kill them.

Take good care of your rabbit and keep him healthy and happy and he will make you a loving and devoted pet.


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