Aquariums 101: Simple Quick Tips to Keep Your Fish Happy

Buy them young When fish are young, believe it or not you can train them to eat from your hand. If they are used the your finger in the tank (wash your hands), they will come to you. Ive had betta fish that I can put my finger in the tank and they come up and let me pet them Feed them variety Most flake food is ok but to my surprise they like frozen peas also.

Peas are vegetables and make sure you get the frozen kind. Squeeze the skin off of the pea and drop it into the tank. They love thier vegetables. 1-2 peas per 10 fish should be ok for medium size fish. Fish also like meat such as bloodworms. I usually give mine freeze dried blooworms once a day.

Get live plants for your tank They are sold in most petstores and act as a natural filter for fish. They are also nice to look at

Provide a place for fish to hide Such as a mini cave or other piece to put in the tank. Dont put anything metal or painted in the tank.

Get some bottom feeders They keep the tank clean. plecostemous suck on the side of the tank and eat algae (you still have to buy algae tabe to feed them). Albino catfish (1-3 inches in size) dont require algae tabe and eat flakes and food that falls on the bottom.

Put like fish together Don't assume all fish will be ok together. Ask an associate at the store his/her opinion. Petsmart also has cards in front of thier tanks saying if the fish are semi-aggresive or tropical community. Buy a heater if you have tropical fish, they need a little warmer water

Also read about pond filters.


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