The Sad Truths About Dog Abuse and Their Abusers

Who abuses dogs/pets, why, and how we may try to stop them

The even saddest part of the whole story is that child abuse and animal abuse is somehow so connected, which is more than disheartening. Statistics have shown that almost 50% of child molesters and rapists admitted to living through animal cruelty. Children who have been abused and witnessed animal abuse tend to grow up as abusers many times themselves. Most abusers of humans and other violent crimes have started their abuse with their own pets. Sad but true, they think, “it is only an animal”.

They sometimes blame a mental disorder and list animal cruelty as one of the behaviors signaling conduct disorder, diagnosed as young as 8 years old. I could never understand how you can look at an adorable pet that would do just about anything for your love and attention, and hit, kick and/or abuse it in any other way. Usually it is people who feel “small” and feeble that causes them to abuse something or someone smaller than they are so that they can feel a sense of power. They take their frustrations and feelings of worthlessness out on poor defenseless animals. In most cases, the facts remain that the same person who has abused that poor animal will inevitably hurt a human with no remorse. It is like they build a sick sense of self-esteem at the act of hurting that defenseless creature, then move on to worse criminal acts.

Many people do take out a lot of their disappointments out on abusing animals as they feel it is easier than taking it out on another human. Sure, it is, because they can’t communicate or argue back with you. And they do not hold a grudge . . . in fact; they come back loving you even more. After all, they look to us as their caretakers, their surrogate parent, their friend, someone who would love, care for them and have their best interest at heart. And for most of us it is true. Whenever I watch these sad cases on TV witnessing some of the abuse that some of those poor animals have to go through, unfair as it may seem, I just wish that some of these abusers can succumb to the type of abuse they have no problem performing.

All of us as citizens and animal lovers always need to keep our eyes and ears open to situations around us. Children and pets need us to be their voice and protect them. They need our love and attention. If you ever fear any kind of abuse, don’t turn the other cheek . . . but call the proper authorities. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Most abusers start out as children and any time a child seems to be harsh to an animal, that is a big warning sign and should be handled with attention. The best prevention to adult abusers is to start with the young abusers, be aware, be alert, and intervene wherever possible by calling proper authorities. You could be saving even more than just the life of a beautiful loving animal.


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