Ways To Prevent Your Dog From Getting Cancer: It Could Be Their Food

Only accidents kill more dogs than cancer

We love our dogs and we try to protect and provide for them. But can we protect them against the killer that attacks about 50% of all dogs? Only accidents manage to kill more dogs than cancer related causes. As with humans, preventing cancer is much better then having to fight it once it has taken hold. The way to prevent cancer in our dogs is the same way we prevent it from attacking us. Nutrition. Giving the body the fuel it needs to fight the free radicals that cause cancer. What goes in the body does matter.

Our dogs like us come in contact with many toxins in their day to day environment. The yard where they play may have been sprayed with pesticides. The house that they share with you may have been cleaned with toxic cleaning products. This all plays a part in whether or not your dog will suffer cancer of one sort or another. But the main source of carcinogenics for dogs is in their food. Now these are all things we can do something about. First let's look at pesticides and cleaning products.

There are non-toxic ways to control pests in the yard. One is spraying plants with a dilution of of one tablespoon of olive oil, two tablespoons of baking soda with a couple drops of liquid Ivory soap and one quart of water. Just put the mixture into a spray bottle and go out and spray your plants.

Now for household cleaning. Vinegar is great inside the home as is baking soda or lemon juice. There are many uses for these great alternatives to toxic products. Here is a link to more information on this. http://gomestic.com/Homemaking/Clean-Your-House-Without-Toxic-Cleaning-Products.606989

What we feed our dogs.

In the U.S. the average life span of a dog is about 12 years. It should be around 23 years. What we are feeding our pets is killing them. The huge amount of preservatives regularly used by profit-driven dog food companies in their products cause not only cancer but other deadly disorders also. Livestock, known as 4-D livestock, commonly finds its way into commercial dog food as a cheap source of protein. This is disabled ,diseased, dead or dying animals that are being used for dog food. The US government requires 4-D meat be denatured with harmful chemicals before leaving slaughterhouses to prevent the meat from being marketed. However it still ends up in our pet's food. These diseased, chemically treated carcasses are sold to rendering plants along with road kill and euthanized animals. The final rendered product is sold to various industries, including the pet food industry, to serve as the basis for meat and sources of animal fat and bone meal along with what is listed as other protein sources in many brands of dog food. Frightening isn't it?

Skin diseases, immune deficiencies,allergies, both kidney and liver disease and several types of cancer are some of the chronic health problems facing our pets.Research suggests unhealthy ingredients and preservatives used in many brands of commercial dog food may cause these diseases. A vast number of veterinarians have reported that diets rich in fresh, whole, healthy foods have made an amazing difference in treating disease, and in helping to prevent disease including Cancer in pets.

When buying dog food check the labels. As a rule, avoid buying dog food or treats that include any of the following ingredients: By-products, bone meal, meat meal, animal fat; fillers like gluten, soybean meal, peanut hulls, wheat Min's,wheat bran or flour, artificial colors, artificial flavors; or preservatives BHA, BHT, propylene glycol or ethoxyquin. All of these ingredients are bad for your dogs health. A healthy dog food will list meat as the first ingredient ( chicken, lamb, fish, etc.), and human-grade, fresh, whole foods including fruits and vegetables. The only preservatives should be Vitamin C or E.

I purchase dog food on line from Darwins Natural Pet Products. However,there are many other sources for obtaining healthy food for your pet . As far as over the counter brands go, Karma organic is a very good choice as is Newmans own organics. Both of these along with other healthy foods  should be available at your local pet store. Remember the main thing is to check the ingredients of the food you feed your pet.

Keeping our dogs healthy and cancer free is linked to keeping them toxin free. Harmful toxins in their food and environment weaken the immune system and give cancer an opportunity to take hold and consume our beloved pets. If you're like me you love your dog, so let's do all we can to keep our little buddies happy and healthy so they will have long healthy lives.


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