What is the American Morgan Horse Association?

The American Morgan Horse Association, originally called the Morgan Horse Club, keeps record for Morgan horses across the United States as well as in other countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Australia. The association organizes

The Morgan Horse

Morgan horses can be traced back to a single stallion called Justin Morgan, originally named Figure. All descendants of Justin Morgan are considered Morgans. The distinctive and unusual characteristic of Morgans is that they do not clearly resemble their parents, making every Morgan unique in more ways than one. There are four families of Morgans that are widely recognized around the world. They are the Brunk, the Lippitt, the Western Working and the Government. Breeding programs and these four families dictate sub-families of Morgans. It's one big family of a long line of fine American horses.

Ownership and Registration

To be eligible for inclusion in Morgan competitions, a Morgan needs to be registered with the AMHA. Registration also establishes ownership of a Morgan horse. It is also used to make official the breeding process of future Morgans. New Morgans that are being registered need to have registration information of their parent Morgans for the registration to be approved. This is also considered as documentation for a Morgan's features and characteristics, giving future owners and breeders knowledge about the traits that their future Morgans may inherit. Ownership of a Morgan is transferred with registration documents as reference.

Events and Recreational Activities

The events conducted by the association include exhibition shows where Morgans strut their stuff by performing tricks and parading around, and competitions like trail rides, races and pageants. Morgans are very athletic horses so there are several physical competitions for Morgans to participate in. These events are approved and sanctioned by the association and only registered members and Morgans are allowed to participate.

With Morgans being known as extremely athletic horses, they are often used in recreational activities. These activities are not just for the benefit of the riders, but it is also a form of exercise for the Morgans, giving them a chance to work out and stay fit. Some recreational activities include adventure rides, trail ride vacations and pathways. These activities are designed to let owners, breeders, trainers and riders have fun with their Morgans and even their fellow Morgan lovers as well.

Offshoot Groups

The American Morgan Horse Association has inspired other similar groups, one of which is the Rainbow Morgan Horse Association. This group spreads their love for colorful Morgans. Another group, which is actually a sub-program of the AMHA, is the American Morgan Horse Association Youth. This is a branch of the AMHA for young people who love Morgans.


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