What is the Koi Society of Australia?

Members of the Koi Society of Australia are expected to be familiar with the environmental needs of the Koi fish particularly in fishing, breeding, housing and health care. Koi Society of Australia members are looked up as role models in providing a safe



The Koi Society of Western Australiais an organization that aims to protect, preserve and improve the Koi gold fishin the country. It offers a wide variety of advisory services, exhibitions and support services to Koi breeders through the conduct of shows, displays and exhibitions that are geared towards making Koi gold fish more recognizable by the public. It also provides informational kits, books and other information sources to interested Koi breeders and keepers. Formed in Sydney in 1974, the organization has 1000 members spread in seven regional branches.



There are seven branches of the Koi Society of Australia - the New Castle Branch, Central Coast Branch, Northern Branch, Cumberland Branch, Macarthur Branch, Illawarra Branch, and Southern NSW Branch. The Society is currently led by Eddie Edwins, the president of the organization, who leads 16 other officials as listed on its website.


The Koi Society of Australia provides a lot of support to experienced and novice Koi keepers. It is very active in conducting shows and events for its members and even non-members. For one, it offers foods, books, pumps and other supplies at discounted prices for its members. These supplies are available at local Koi Society of Australia branches. It charges a rate of 50 cents for a week for its members, while encouraging its members to bring their kids who can take an interest in the said hobby. The group also offers auctions year-round to allow its members to buy and sell fish at discounted prices.

All of the branches of the Society hold fish shows and award trophies to standout members. The group also supports a yearly show every May attracting over 15,000 guests annually. The group also conducts pond tours where members can inspect each other’s ponds and exchange ideas on breeding of the Koi.

Information on the Koi fish

The Koi Society of Australia also helps in promoting and propagating information on the proper breeding of the Koi fish. Its website has a listing of the appropriate feeds for Koi fish such as lettuce, Chinese cabbage, watermelon, colored pumpkin, dried fish, garden worms, and brown bread.

It also shares other relevant information such as the ideal size of Koi ponds of about 2-3 meters in length, 1-2 meters in width and about .5 meters in depth. The Koi Society of Western Australia also advises Koi keepers on the filtering of water in the pond all year round. Other information it gives on its website include the ideal growth rate of Koi fish which usually reaches 12 cm in length in 2-3 years, and about 80 cm in 10 years.


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